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Zhuhai: A Local’s Intro into China’s Most Livable City


Lihan He, a local from Zhuhai, shares her take into this southern Chinese city that is popular for its livability and attractions.

Zhuhai China
Taken by Wikimedia Commons user Yuxuan1122.

The heat and humidity are almost unbearable, the wind is mild, and the air is sticky. You are flip-flopping in the street with a weird-flavored bubble tea in hand; you are chill and relaxed just like everyone around you. Welcome to Zhuhai, a coastal city with a modest population of 1.56 million that is considered one of the cleanest and most livable cities in mainland China.

In this article, I will give you a brief introduction to the city including some must-visit attractions, the best yum cha place in town, and more. (Yum cha means “drink tea” but is a southern Chinese-style morning or afternoon meal, which involves drinking tea and eating dim sum small dishes; it is commonly referred to as dim sum.)

First of all, the best way to get around is by taxi or by bus. Bus is convenient and significantly cheaper if you can read the signs and know the way. Rental cars give you a lot of freedom, but you need to be comfortable with the local driving condition (it can get chaotic), while you also want to check with the authorities to make sure your driver’s license is valid in China.

A very efficient way to get to know the city is to bike along the Qinglv Road (means “Lovers’ Road”). This scenic route stretches for miles from south to north along the city’s coastline. I suggest you to start at the middle in Xiangzhou and finish at the border to Macau.

On the Qinglv Middle Road, Yeli Island is definitely a local favorite. It is a little island linked by bridge, and no vehicles are allowed in. The shell-shaped Zhuhai Opera House is located on the island and you can easily walk and cycle around. If you are interested in local life, you may make a trip to the island at night – there will be people dancing, singing, and exercising, which are all quite interesting to watch.

Keep peddling; the Fisher Girl can be spotted quite far away. At the tip of Xianglu Bay, a stop is a must because the statue is an iconic symbol of the city; however, there is nothing much to do around the area apart from a park across the road.

After turning around the bay, you will see a beach named Seashore Yongchang; no doubt it is another popular spot. An annual beach music festival is held here at the beginning of each October.

You can get the best yum cha in town at Jin Yue Xuan, a sea-view restaurant located on the Southern Lovers’ Road; yes, it is a little bit pricy and costs around RMB120 per person, but trust me, you will not regret it. You also need to book in advance during the weekend to avoid disappointment.

If you have a few more days to spend, you can go a bit further to the Chime-Long Ocean Kingdom in Hengqin (about 1hr drive), a marine theme park featuring the largest aquarium window in the world, the best seafood buffet, and multiple five-star hotels. Alternatively, the Ocean Spring Resort in Gaolangang (about 2hrs drive) is also a good choice, in which you can get away from all the noises and just relax and immerse in a variety of hot springs. Or, if you are feeling extra fancy, pack your bikinis and jump on the ferry to Dong’ao Island (1hr ferry); the Club Med resort will take care of the rest. Last but not least, within walking distance to Macau, you can start another adventure by simply walk through the customs.

Hello, my name is Lihan. I came to Australia to study for my marketing and event management degree, and now I am lucky enough to call it home. I work in events; I am a blogger, an occasional writer, a rabbit lover and a waffle eater. Zhuhai is my beloved hometown, and I hope you enjoyed the article; if you have any further questions, you can contact me at lh.leannehe [at] gmail.com.

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