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What You Need to Bring on an Overseas Yoga Retreat


Heading abroad to practice yoga and mindfulness can leave you in a state of serenity, but if you forget the essentials, your zen may be impacted.

Most people dip their toe into yoga the same way. They start with the weekly Sunday morning class with a few yoga-enthralled friends and slowly learn they love it.

They up their weekly intake to twice a week, then three times—and suddenly, if they miss a day, their whole vibe is thrown off.

At this point, the natural next step is a yoga retreat.

Out-of-country yoga retreats are rapidly growing in popularity. More and more yoga enthusiasts are signing up to head out on relaxing and exciting overseas yoga adventures. A common question many first-time yoga travelers have is: what do I need to pack?

Packing is a taxing task for any trip, especially such a specialized one. The trick is to pack light and plan ahead. Check out this guide to help yourself understand what to bring on an overseas yoga retreat.

What to Bring on an Overseas Yoga Retreat
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Yoga Supplies

While bringing your yoga essentials may seem like a given, it can be easy to forget a few things.

Make sure you bring comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. Keep in mind that the yoga clothing that works for you in an at-home environment might be different than what you need for your retreat’s environment. Account for the climate and situation you’ll practice in.

If you’re going to be doing many outdoor sessions, you want to keep that in mind and plan around the weather. Remember, even if you’re traveling to a tropical location for your retreat, it may get breezy at night near the ocean. Bringing at least one lightweight long sleeve top can be beneficial to your comfort and performance, since nobody wants to attend a yoga session with cold muscles.

Bringing your own mat is another great idea. The retreat may provide mats, but having your own mat will help you feel relaxed and at home. Call your retreat coordinator with any questions or for recommendations on what to bring if you’re unsure about other yoga supplies you may need.

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Sun Protection

No matter your retreat’s location, you will be thankful to yourself for bringing sun protection. This means loading up on sunscreen—especially if you’re going to a tropical or notoriously sunny location, because sunscreen tends to be overpriced when resorts and stores know demand is high.

Another piece of sun protection you need is sunglasses. Consider bringing a sporty pair that will stay on even during your most intense poses and a pair for day-to-day usage to protect your eyes. A hat is another great idea to pack to protect your head and face from harmful sunlight.

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Other Essentials

There are other travel essentials that you absolutely need to bring with you on your yoga retreat. Your intentions and attitude should be prepared for the trip in advance. You get out what you put into a yoga retreat.

Consider setting some goals for yourself before boarding your plane. Many people want to improve their understanding of yoga; others want to find peace and relaxation. Define what you want to get out of your adventure and commit to it. Share your intentions with others and remind yourself of them daily on your retreat to keep yourself centered.

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