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5 Weird Wedding Traditions from Around the World


We all know the famous ones like carrying the bride across the threshold. But here are some weird wedding traditions from around the world.

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Wedding traditions. We all know the most famous ones like throwing the bouquet, cutting the cake, and carrying the bride across the threshold. But it turns out that there are way more entertaining (and weirder) wedding traditions taking place around the world.

Let’s take a look at the weird wedding traditions you may come upon:

The Blackening

Where you can see it: Orkney Islands, Scotland, UK

Why it’s on the list: This Scottish wedding custom is perhaps one of the nastiest wedding traditions you will ever hear about. Basically, it is a ritual during which the bride and groom are being covered in food trash (rotten eggs, fish, feathers, treacle, etc.). This, supposedly, should bring strength to their marriage as any couple who can withstand this, can (apparently) withstand anything.

The Chicken Dissection

Where you can see it: Northeastern China

Why it’s on the list: Mainly because it features the words chicken and dissection… This strange wedding tradition, as its name suggests, includes a chicken, a knife, a couple, and some guts. Oh, and liver. If you are a Daur couple who wants to get married and you can’t wait to set the date and start wedding planning, you should perform a rather weird ritual in which you will have to dissect a chicken (!) and check the condition of its liver. If the chicken liver looks healthy to you (as if you could tell the difference), then it’s OK for you to set the date.

The Feeding of the Bride-To-Be

Where you can see it: Mauritania

Why it’s on the list: This (pre)wedding tradition has very deep roots in the Mauritanian society. In Mauritania, it is considered that the fatter your wife is, the luckier your marriage will be. To achieve this, however, the people of Mauritania resort to force-feeding young girls so that they can be as fat as possible at their wedding. Unfortunately, this bizarre tradition is often accompanied by “side effects” like illnesses and health problems for the poor girls who are forced to eat like there’s no tomorrow.

The Lovespoon

Where you can see it: Wales, UK

Why it’s on the list: A super cute Welsh wedding tradition with an even cuter symbolic meaning is the gift that grooms in Wales give to their brides on their wedding day. The “lovespoon,” as they call it, is a beautifully carved wooden spoon that symbolizes the husband’s promise to his wife that he would never allow her to starve. Isn’t this adorable?Weird Wedding Traditions: The Bathroom Ban

Where you can see it: Borneo (shared by Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei)

Why it’s on the list: We have seen a lot of strange wedding traditions being followed just because happy couples from all over the world are afraid of bad luck in their marriage. This one, however, beats them all! In Borneo, newlyweds are not allowed to leave the party on their wedding day, (and not for 3 days and nights for the Tidong tribe) not even if they want to go to the bathroom! If I were you, I would put down that glass of Champagne…

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