Updated: 2019-06-23.

Ukrainian Calendar of Key Dates, National Holidays, and Important Days

Whether you’re about to visit or just keen on learning about the culture, check out our handy little calendar to learn about the different holidays and celebrations in Ukraine. And as an added little bonus, we’ve listed the names of the months in Ukrainian below the months’ names in English 🙂


січень (sichenʹ)

  • 1 January: New Year’s Day (Новий Рік.)
  • 7 January: Orthodox Christmas (Різдво.)
  • 13/14 January: Old New Year (Старий Новий Рік. New Year by the Julian calendar.)
  • 22 January: Ukrainian Unity Day (День соборності України. Also known as “Reunion Day” or the “Day of Ukraine,” it celebrates the day of Ukrainian National Republic and the Western Ukrainian People’s Republic reuniting in 1919.)


лютий (lyutyy)

  • 14 February: Valentine’s Day (День святого Валентина.)
  • Week before Great Lent: Maslenitsa (Масниця. Eastern Slavic holiday celebrated during the last week before Great Lent, 8th week before Eastern Orthodox Easter.)


березень (berezenʹ)

  • 8 March: International Women’s Day (Міжнародний жіночий день.)
  • Varying Friday: Good Friday, Orthodox (Страсна п’ятниця. The Friday preceding Easter Sunday.)


квітень (kvitenʹ)

  • Varying Sunday: Easter Sunday, Orthodox (Великдень. Easter in “Eastern Christianity” is always on one Sunday between 4 April and 8 May on the Gregorian calendar, as it is based on the Julian calendar. Though it should take place sometime during the first week after the astronomical full moon, the Julian full moon occurs several days after the astronomical event.)


травень (travenʹ)

  • Varying Sunday: Orthodox Pentecost (Трійця. The Sunday 7 weeks (49 days) following Easter Sunday.)
  • 1 May: International Workers’ Day (День міжнародної солідарності трудящих. Known alternately as “May Day” or “Labor Day.”)
  • 9 May: Victory Day Over Nazism (День перемоги над нацизмом у Другій світовій війні.)


червень (chervenʹ)

  • 28 June: Constitution Day (День Конституції.)


липень (lypenʹ)

nothing to show for this month •


серпень (serpenʹ)

  • 24 August: Independence Day (День Незалежності.)


вересень (veresenʹ)

nothing to show for this month •


жовтень (zhovtenʹ)

  • 14 October: Defender of Ukraine Day (День захисника України.)


листопад (lystopad)

  • 9 November: Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language (День української писемності та мови. Celebrates the Slavic Cyrillic alphabet.)
  • 21 November: Dignity and Freedom Day (День Гідності та Свободи. Celebrates the Orange Revolution of 2004 and the Revolution of Dignity of 2013.)


грудень (hrudenʹ)

nothing to show for this month •


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