Trail Mail Email Newsletter

We're excited to announce our email subscriptions, Dauntless Jaunter's Trail Mail email newsletter! Instead of bombarding you with every email, we have separated our deliveries into various mailing lists. For now, these are the lists we send out regularly. Choose one, several, or all - whatever suits you.

Upon submitting your email address informing us that you'd like to receive the Trail Mail email newsletter(s), you will receive a confirmation email. This allows us not to send to people who didn't ask for it, and to give you another chance to reconsider before we start bothering you 😉 Please click on the link in the confirmation email to start your subscription; if you decide you don't want it anymore or never asked for it, just ignore this email.

Once subscribed to one or more of the Trail Mail newsletters, you will receive one introductory email, followed by all new updates from the list(s) you've subscribed to. If this email first went into your junk area of your inbox, please whitelist our email address; this will ensure that any future emails from us go to your inbox and also help us maintain a positive standing in the email community, if that's a thing.

Please be advised that we will never give away your email address (not even for the promise of ten round-the-world flight tickets!), and we will not spam you. We've broken up our newsletter into several mailing lists, so that you can choose to hear from us as much or as little as you'd like. Your subscription preferences will always be easily altered or cancelled via links on each and every email you receive from us, usually located on the very top or very bottom of our emails. If you have any other questions or concerns, please see our Trail Mail Newsletter FAQs or Contact Us. Also, we fully intend to comply with the GDPR laws of the European Union (and we have since well before it was put into effect).

We hope that you'll follow along, and we are super-appreciative of your support!

Christian Eilers, Dauntless Jaunter Travel Site