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Tingo: Taking the Gamble Out of Booking


Tingo is a new hotel booking site that automatically rebooks guests at the lower rate if their hotel drops its price, and automatically refunds the card.

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What is Tingo?

Tingo™ is a new hotel booking site that automatically rebooks travelers at the lower rate if their hotel drops its price—and then automatically refunds the difference to their credit card.

How It Works:

You book. Price drops. Automatic refund.
Many travelers have had the frustrating experience of trying to “time” their hotel booking: waiting to make the reservation just in case the price drops. Many, too, have felt foolish when they’ve booked their room and then discovered that the price dropped afterward. Booking a hotel often feels like too much of a gamble. Until now. Tingo takes the gamble out of booking!

tingo you book imageYou Book: A Great Selection and Low Prices
Tingo has the huge selection of hotels travelers would find on other sites—and the low prices they would find, too. But what really sets Tingo apart is how the site watches out for travelers after they book.

tingo price drops imagePrice Drops: The Magic Behind “Money Back”
When travelers book a Money Back room—as noted on the site by the Money Back icon—they just can’t lose. They’re already getting a low price, but after they book Tingo keeps watching that room price. If it drops, Tingo automatically rebooks the reservation for free at the lower rate and gives the traveler a refund for the difference.

tingo automatic refund imageAutomatic Refund: Making Saving Easier Than Ever
Tingo makes getting Money Back on a hotel reservation completely automatic and entirely effortless. There are no forms to fill out to get the Money Back refund, and travelers don’t have to do any research or wait for someone else to book the same itinerary. Tingo emails travelers each time the total price of their reservation drops and then refunds the Money Back total to their credit card within a few days of check-out.

With Tingo, Travelers Win—No Matter What
Even if travelers book a Money Back room and the price doesn’t drop, they have still booked at a competitive rate. And if the rate does drop, they can rest easy knowing they’ll get their Money Back refund. Either way, Tingo is watching out for them.


  • Tingo offers an extensive worldwide hotel inventory powered by the Expedia Affiliate Network.
  • Hotel rates are competitive with other popular hotel booking sites.
  • If the price of a traveler’s Money Back reservation drops, Tingo automatically rebooks the exact reservation at the lower rate and refunds the difference to his or her credit card.
  • More than 95% of the hotels have the potential to earn travelers Money Back refunds.
  • Even if the price of a reservation doesn’t drop, travelers still get a great rate and can enjoy peace of mind knowing that Tingo was looking out for them.

Why are Smarter Travel Media and Tingo a Perfect Fit?

Smarter Travel Media has been helping savvy travelers save money on their trips since 1998. The company saw an opportunity to save travelers money on hotel stays by offering a service that watches the price of their reservation, rebooks it if the price drops, and then automatically refunds the difference to their credit card—all with no effort on their part. Visit Tingo.com for up-to-date data—including Money Back averages for cities and hotels.

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Christian Eilers
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Christian Eilers
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  • Christian,

    This looks interesting – although i wonder how easy it will be for them to make themselves known in the hotel booking space.. (a notoriously competitive market).

    Im guessing they will lean on the Tripadvisor marketing budget to get it kicked off the ground!


    • Duncan, thanks for your comment! I agree, it is great for them as a startup to have the TripAdvisor name and weight behind their operations. They are a little late to the game, as others have been in this field for awhile, but I am interested to see what happens.

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