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4 Fun Things To Do, See, & Try When You Visit Austin, Texas


From axe throwing to the local BBQ scene, this guide will introduce you to some of the fun things to do when you visit Austin, Texas.

Austin Texas skyline in evening
Taken by Carlos Alfonso via unsplash.com. [Public Domain].

Austin, Texas is home to an eclectic variety of tourist spots. From the iconic BBQ to the flurry of live events that take place locally each year, Austin is far from being a boring city.

If you’re coming to the city for the first time, this guide will help you plan out some fun things to do when you visit Austin.

Taste the Local BBQ

Even if it isn’t your favorite kind of food, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not trying out Texas BBQ during your visit. The city is home to notable BBQ spots including but not limited to Franklin Barbecue, Lamberts, The Salt Lick, la Barbecue, and Terry Black’s.

Whether you want to try out savory brisket, smokey ribs, or any other number of delicious BBQ dishes—Texas is the place to go.

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Take a Tour via Lake Austin

Treat yourself to a sightseeing tour, but instead of getting into a bus with your tour guide, go for a boat instead. That way, you get the best of both worlds—Austin’s beautiful sights and plenty of privacy while you relax. Both Lake Austin and Lake Travis have boat rental services that will take you and your guests out on the water to showcase some of the must-see locations like the 360 bridge or Devil’s Cove.

Make sure to familiarize yourself with the proper boat rental preparation tips because although these boat rental services will provide you with a captain, you’ll need to bring your own gear like sunblock, towels, and beer. However, when you are out on the water, dive into the cool waters, soak in the Texas sun, and indulge in some ice-cold drinks.

Live Events

From film festivals to music festivals and beyond—if you’re looking for fun things to do when you visit Austin, look to the bevy of live events it hosts throughout the year. Although COVID-19 has limited the number of events the city held in 2020, there are still some events on the horizon.

Certain events, like The Texas Tribune Festival, will be digital, but other events like the 4Th Annual ATX Black Food Week will be an in-person event where safety standards like social distancing and mask-wearing will be encouraged. Depending on when you’re reading this, any number of fun, unique events could be around the corner.

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Unique Experiences

Austin is home to a wide range of very unique activities you might not have access to back at home. For example, GOGA provides yoga classes with a twist. While you take part in a full yoga session, for which you can have private sessions, baby goats scurry around the place. If you’re looking for unique nightlife experiences, Austin has no shortage of those either. 

For instance, you can stop by Urban Axes and take part in the undeniably fun art of axe throwing, and, even better, you can bring your own beer or wine inside with you as well. If you want something more laid-back, Austin is home to other interesting bars worth visiting such as The Container Bar, and everything you need to know about it is in the title—it’s a bar built out of industrial containers.

Suffice it to say, this bar is unlike most others you’ll find in your local town. Other notable nightlife hotspots in Austin include Midnight Cowboy, The Dogwood, and Whisler’s.

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