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5+ Things to Do in San Marino: Best Sites to Visit, Places to See & More


Wondering about the best things to do in San Marino? This guide is packed with things to see and places to visit in this micronation and its capital city.

San Marino might be one of the smallest countries in the world—it actually is in the top 5 (bottom 5?), to be precise.

Nevertheless, anyone who visits San Marino cannot resist its charm, beauty, and spirit of history that fill each of its narrow streets.

enjoying the view from Monte Titano is one of the best things to do in San Marino
The view from Monte Titano in San Marino can’t be beat! Taken by L. Castagnone via unsplash.com. [Public Domain].

Here’s our list of the top things to do in San Marino if you plan to visit this lovely country.

1. Visit the Famous Three Towers

The Three Towers is probably the most important thing to see while in San Marino.

They play an important role in the history of the country, and that is why even now you can find them on the coat of arms and the flag of the country.

The oldest one, Guaita, is located on the top of Mount Titano, and, for a long time, it served as a prison. Now it’s become the most iconic and historic sight of San Marino and many tourists from all over the world admire its medieval beauty. 

2. Get a Stamp in Your Passport

The stamp in your passport from San Marino might be one of the best souvenirs you can possibly bring home from this tiny country. For the negligible price of 5€, you can get a commemorative stamp at the Tourism Office. 

But, no matter how excited you are, it is better to save your actual passport for real stamps that all countries acknowledge. With the memorial or souvenir stamps, some countries might consider your travel document invalid, so it is safer to use your old passport or a sheet of paper you can tuck inside.

3. Try Some Unique Foods

Despite its size, San Marino has some great local foods you should try while visiting.

Among them, you can find Torta Tre Monti, which literally means “Cake of Three Mountains.” On top of that, San Marino is a producer of red and white wines and even has a few local brews that each beer connoisseur has to try.

4. Do Tax-Free Shopping

If you are a person who cannot call a trip complete without doing some shopping, San Marino is just the place for you to be!

Many goods in the country are tax-free, such as electronics or clothes, so you can buy them much cheaper than in neighboring Italy. Focus your attention on ceramics and coins if you want to end up with something local and unique as souvenirs. 

5. Enjoy the Landscape from Piazza Della Libertà

This historical square is impossible to miss when you visit San Marino City. Surrounded by medieval architecture, Piazza della Libertà offers amazing landscape views. Stop there for a while to embrace the atmosphere of this exceptional place, watch people passing by, and observe guards in their traditional uniforms.

Well, that’s our short list of things to do in San Marino, and you should definitely make your way there. Got any questions, feedback, or other San Marino things to do we should add to our article? Let us know in the comments below, and thanks for reading!

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Mariia Kislitsyna
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