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5 Things to Do in Kyiv: Top Attractions, Activities, Museums & More (Kiev)


In this virtual tour of things to do in Kyiv, we’ll show you exactly which places, foods, and activities you must encounter while in Ukraine’s capital city.

Planning a trip to Ukraine?

If you make it to the bustling capital city, you may get overwhelmed with the variety of things to do in Kyiv (or Kiev).

But not to worry!

In this guide, we’ll walk you through on a virtual tour of Kyiv and show you exactly which places, foods, and activities you should be sure not to miss.

Here’s our list of the best things to do in Kyiv:

1. Take a Walk on Khreshchatyk Street

Even if you have only one hour in Kyiv, Khreshchatyk Street is the first place you should head to. It is the central street of the Ukrainian capital, and, usually, it is brimming with people, both tourists and locals alike, especially on a weekend. 

On Khreshchatyk Street you can feel the vibe of this city, run into countless street performers, and find many places to eat and shop, although some of them might be pretty pricey, so beware! 

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2. Visit Kyiv Pechersk Lavra

Kyiv Pechersk Lavra is one of the best places to visit in Ukraine
Kyiv’s Pechersk Lavra in the evening. Taken by Eugene via unsplash.com. [Public Domain].

Kyiv’s Pechersk Lavra is one of the most important historical sites in Ukraine’s capital, the center of Eastern Orthodox Christianity, and a functioning monastery. A vast number of believers from all around Eastern Europe come here every year, but Kyiv Pechersk Lavra is one of the top places to visit in Kyiv even if you are unfamiliar with Christianity or religion in general. On the large territory of the monastery, you can admire many beautiful gold-domed churches, and, if you are looking for some chills, you can take a tour down into one of the Lavra’s famous caves. 

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3. Stroll Along the Andriyivskyy Descent

St. Andrew's Church on Andriyivskyy Descent is one of the prettiest things to do in Ukraine
St. Andrew’s Church on the top of the Andriyivskyy Descent in Kyiv.

The Andriyivskyy Descent is another place you simply cannot miss in Kyiv! Walking down (or up) this street, you can expect to see many merchants selling knick-knacks, traditional souvenirs, and antiques. Further on, next to the beautiful St. Andrew’s church, you can find a sort of an open-air gallery, where artists sell their paintings.

The Andriyivskyy Descent is also home to the Mikhail Bulgakov Museum, where the famous author of Master and Margarita lived during his childhood years.

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4. Eat Kyivska Perepichka 

Strolling through Kreshchatyk, do not forget to stop and try Kyivska perepichka, which became one of the culinary symbols of Kyiv. Basically, Kyivska perepichka is a hot dog in deep-fried dough (kinda like pigs in a blanket), so it is far removed from other culinary delights you can enjoy in this city. However, there is always a long line to the shabby windows where they are sold, which proves its popularity. Moreover, no one will take you seriously if you confess to being on Kreshchatyk and not giving a perepichka a try. Believe me, it’s a tradition!

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5. Take a Photo at Landscape Alley

If you search for unconventional places to see while you travel, you should check out Landscape (Peizazhna) Alley. This tiny park is full of peculiar, colorful sculptures, fountains, and benches. Alice in Wonderland, green bunnies, and a long snake-like mosaic of a blue cat are hidden right next to the old apartment buildings in the center of the city, waiting for new visitors.

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Well, that’s all for now on our list of things to do in Kyiv, and we hope it helps you enjoy Ukraine’s awesome capital city next time you find yourself there! Got any questions, feedback, or other Kyiv things to do we should add to our list? Let us know in the comments below, and thanks for reading!

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