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Tesalate Beach Towel Review: A Superbly Stylish, Sand-Free Square


We review a Tesalate beach towel, specifically, the Bohemian Beach Towel For Two. Spoiler alert: this one makes all past beach towels seem inferior!

Up-front disclosure: We received this towel from Tesalate for review purposes, but we hope to be as unbiased as possible!

The Product: Tesalate Bohemian – Towel for Two ($99)
Our Take: 4.5 / 5 Stars

In Australia, the country of ten thousand beaches, beach towels have risen to a high art. This is especially true of the products coming from Sydney-based Tesalate.

Their stylish, innovative towels already have scores of fans all around the world. Now, after completing my Tesalate beach towel review, they’ve got one more!

Quick Note: Unfortunately, the world is going through a tough time right now due to coronavirus. My problems don’t compare to what many are experiencing, certainly. However, as this is a post about a beautiful beach towel, I thought I’d give you Tesalate’s official image from Instagram, as my own trip to Thailand (where I was going to take beach photos) was cancelled.


tesalate beach towel review bohemian for two design
This is the pattern of our Tesalate Bohemian Beach Towel for Two – how gorgeous is that, right?

There are over 40 designs to choose from, and all of them are very fun and vividly colorful. Its design will definitely stand out, whether you’re relaxing next to the pool or enjoying some rays at the beach. Another nice touch is that the different pattern on the reverse side of the towel also looks very beautiful, so its double-sided feature makes it almost as if you bought two.

Honestly, the only problem with Tesalate’s designs is that there are too many great options to choose from! I chose the extra-large Bohemian towel and I am very satisfied with it. Though the color of the new towel we received was just a tad more vibrant than is shown on the website, I think that’ll get toned down after a few washes (and perhaps by the sun when I get to see it again!). 

Fun Fact: The word “tessellate” means “to form into a mosaic pattern, as by using small squares of stone or glass.”


Tesalate beach towels comes in two sizes: a standard 160cm x 80cm (63 x 31 in) and an extra-large 160cm x 160cm (63 x 63 in), the second size being the one I received. Unfortunately, if you prefer one of the larger sizes, the patterns are somewhat limited; however, you can still be sure that you will find a design you’ll love. 

Pickwick loves the Tesalate beach towel review
My cat, Pickwick, loves the Tesalate beach towel. In fact, he doesn’t want to let me have it back!

Material and Quality

When you first open the package, the thing that may strike you right away is that the towel’s fabric doesn’t feel anything like your average beach towel, or really any towel, at least that I’m used to. The towel is made from AbsorbLite™ microfiber (80% polyester, 20% polyamide), so don’t expect a cotton feel.

However, this is exactly what makes a Tesalate towel different from others on the market. Thanks to the AbsorbLite™ fabric, the towel is super light to carry and is very compact, despite its large dimensions.

The material and the pattern were both of very high quality, and the construction is solid. On top of that, this beach towel has no looping threads (as on normal towels, making it fold down into a very compact package when you have to put it away. This lack of looping threads also allow it to live up to its billing as a “sand-free towel.” Sand just falls right off!


One of the most important features of any beach towel is absorption. Unfortunately, since my trip to Thailand was cancelled due to recent events, I couldn’t test it out on an actual beach (though I’ll update later when I do!). Nevertheless, a test drive after a shower showed that it really does wonders and leaves you perfectly dry in seconds!

So, as I mentioned before, the material doesn’t feel like your run-of-the-mill towel. Rather, it feels more like a really heavy sheet or light army blanket. This had me skeptical, at first, as I just couldn’t imagine how the material would be able to absorb water. Well, I am now a believer, as I’ve actually not been drier after a shower than when using this towel!

In fact, Tesalate claims that their material is so absorptive that it can hold up to one liter of water! I have no way of measuring this, however. Also, they say that the material, once wet, dries in half the time it takes for a regular beach towel.


Tesalate beach towel pouch and packaging review
The Tesalate beach towel ships in a handy black bag, which itself is sent in a nice black envelope.

The Tesalate beach towel came in a small black pouch, a nice touch, and it’s great to use to carry your towel around in the future or just for storage. As I am not exactly a guru when it comes to folding anything, it was a bit hard for me to neatly fold such a large towel back into the bag after I took it out, but with a bit of practice and persistence, you can definitely get it in there!


The price for the regular towel is $59, while the large towel is $99, both with free worldwide shipping. For me, this was really the only true drawback of the towel, as not everyone is ready to invest so much into a beach towel. Even though it’s fast-drying, sand-free, and crazy sexy, I suspect the price could come down a bit and certainly gain mass appeal. However, then you may also lose the exclusivity of owning one.

Side Note: If you’re in Europe, you’ll pay €49 and €89, respectively; if you’re in Australia, you get the best deal, presumably because of the lack of international shipping, at $79 and $139 AUD. Also, wherever you are, the price includes free shipping.

Alternative Uses

Tesalate beach towel review at the park
Ever have that problem when you have a picnic, invite friends, but they can’t find you amongst all the other towels and picnic blankets in the field? Well, with a Tesalate towel design, not anymore!

Even if you only get a few days on the beach each year, a Tesalate towel can be used in a variety of other ways.

You can take it with you if you are going on a picnic, and it will definitely be much smaller and lighter than a regular picnic blanket. On top of that, you’ll have an easy-to-spot location thanks to the vibrant colors!

At home, you can whip it out for doing exercises such as yoga, stretching, or pilates. And, if you’re so inclined, I wouldn’t blame you if you decided that it looks to good to be stored in a bag and used it as a wall hanging. I’m thinking of doing the same 🙂

Oh, and as you saw from an earlier image above, my cat loves it so much he annexed it from me and used it as a playground.


Tesalate created a great product, whether for beach lovers, picnic goers, athletes, or cats. Their designs are very stylish, the towel is very well-made, and it does its job as a beach towel (absorbing water and leaving sand at the beach) better than any other beach towel I’ve had. 

The price might be a bit much, but you do get all the quality and innovation they promise. And, if you can keep it away from your cat, it’s sure to last a long time and get your money’s worth!

Well, that’s it for our Tesalate beach towel review, and we hope you decide to get one for yourself! Got any questions or feedback? Let us know in the comments below, and thanks for reading!

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