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Through Passenger – Glossary Definition


Want the definition of a through passenger? Learn the meaning of through passenger and get a better understanding of this travel glossary term!

Wondering about the definition of a through passenger? Keep reading to learn the meaning of through passenger, see some examples, and get a better understanding of this travel glossary term!

definition of through passenger waiting at airport for connecting flight
Taken by Artur Tumasjan via unsplash.com. [Public Domain].

What is a Through Passenger?

A through passenger is an air travel term for a passenger who is not disembarking at a specific stop during a layover.

When a passenger’s journey includes a layover airport, that traveler is a through passenger at the layover airport, though other passengers on the same flight may have arrived at their final destination.

More on Through Passengers

Knowing the definition of through traveler is useful in airports when disembarking a plane on a layover. When exiting the jet bridge into the airport, there may be two separate paths, one for through passengers and one for passengers who have reached their final destination. Going down the wrong path may cause you to leave the secure area, in which case you would need to go through the security checkpoint again (meaning you could miss a flight if it’s a tight connection!).

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