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Interline Agreement – Glossary Definition


Want the definition of interline agreement? Learn the meaning of an interline agreement in our travel glossary list of words!

Wondering about the definition of interline agreement? Keep reading to learn the meaning of an interline agreement, see some examples, and get a better understanding of this travel glossary term!

meaning of interline agreement definition
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What is an Interline Agreement?

Interlining, also known as an interline agreement, is an agreement between two airlines that enables passengers to book multiple segments on multiple carriers to allow for a greater share of coverage by both airlines. Baggage is transferred through the interline connection to the final destination.

More on Interline Agreements

An interline agreement differs from a code share in that the operating carrier of each segment may not have the codeshare agreement which allows the other airline to sell tickets under their name. It also differs from a codeshare agreement in that only the operating carrier of each segment will distribute rewards to their respective frequent flier programs, though the ticket may have been booked through another airline.

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