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Intercontinental – Glossary Definition


Want the definition of intercontinental? Learn the meaning of intercontinental and get a better understanding of this travel glossary term!

Wondering about the definition of intercontinental? Keep reading to learn the meaning of intercontinental, see some examples, and get a better understanding of this travel glossary term!

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Taken by Andrew Stutesman via unsplash.com. [Public Domain].

What is Does Intercontinental Mean?

Intercontinental means something having to do with two or more continents.

In travel, intercontinental transit is travel from one continent to another, as opposed to transcontinental travel, which is within one continent.

More on Intercontinental

Examples of intercontinental travel would be a flight from New York (North American continent) to Sydney (Australian continent), or a train trip on Russia’s Trans-Siberian Railway, which goes from Moscow (kinda on the European continent) all the way to Vladivostok (Asian continent) in the east.

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