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The Fear of Train Travel May be Directly Linked to Male Sexual Repression

According to some of the most renowned psychoanalysts and psychologists, Freud among them, train travel anxiety is connected to libido problems.
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Best Travel Books: 25+ Top Reads for Any Traveler to Inspire & Enlighten

Looking for the best travel books to read? This list has adventure books, travelogues, destination guides, and more, sure to inspire you for your next trip!
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Hacking Minor Airports & Smaller Cities (Advanced Travel Hacking Guide)

Hacking minor airports and smaller cities is an advanced travel hacking technique or strategy, often with cheaper flights than flying to major airports.
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Travel Hacking Intro: A Beginner’s Guide to Travel Hacking Techniques

What is travel hacking? This post gives a brief travel hacking intro on techniques and strategies and on how to make travel hacking work for you.
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15 Types of Alternative Travel: Definitions on Various Tourism Trends

An inconclusive list of various alternative travel trends neologisms and jargon that have been coined and adopted by today's travelers.