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Hacking Accommodations (A Travel Hacking Guide)

Hacking accommodations is increasing in popularity due to the consolidation of rewards programs along with options of earning hotel rewards points.
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Hacking Airline Rewards, Miles, and Status (A Travel Hacking Guide)

Travel hacking also includes the other, more technical side for flights:hacking the rewards systems and points earned (frequent flier programs).
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Hacking Airfare Basics (A Travel Hacking Guide)

Hacking airfare is just about the most common travel hacking practice these days. Here are some tips on how to maximize effectiveness and minimize spending.
Widerøe mistake fare NYC to WAW

Christmas Comes Early: Widerøe’s Website Woes (A Mistake Fare Story)

Widerøe, a Norwegian airline, had a glitch on their website which allowed customers to buy return fares to Europe for as little as $150.
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How to Earn Frequent Flier Points or Miles by Shopping & Dining

Need to earn points or miles for your frequent flier program? Two things you do on a daily or weekly basis can help: shopping and dining.
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Hidden City Ticketing: Travel Hacking Via Layovers & Deft Maneuvering

What is hidden city ticketing? Learn how this advanced travel hacking method works with examples, as well as how to avoid getting penalized by airlines.
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Hacking Dual Flights (An Advanced Travel Hacking Strategy Guide)

Hacking dual flights is an advanced travel hacking strategy where you can save money when booking two different flights by purchasing them as one ticket.
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Hacking Minor Airports & Smaller Cities (Advanced Travel Hacking Guide)

Hacking minor airports and smaller cities is an advanced travel hacking technique or strategy, often with cheaper flights than flying to major airports.
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My Great 2012 Mileage Run: 4 Countries, 5 Days, Only $318 USD!!!

How I booked my first 2012 mileage run, a trip which took me through four countries in five days for just over three hundred dollars.
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Hacking Flights Via Currencies (An Advanced Travel Hacking Guide)

Hacking flights via currencies and exchange rates is a travel hacking technique of using different currencies to buy a plane ticket for a cheaper price.