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Airline, Pilot, and Flight Attendant Lingo & Slang

Airline Slang: Here are some words and phrases that pilots, flight attendants, and other airline staff have created and use now as their own lingo & slang.
Hispanic Spanish Latin American

Hispanic vs Latino vs Spanish vs Latin American: What’s the Difference?

The terms Hispanic, Latino, Spanish, etc. are often misinterpreted, confused, and misused, so we aim to help clear up the differences between each term. Learn the differences between Spanish vs Hispanic, Latin American vs Latino, Spanish vs Latino, and more.
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50+ Hotel Industry Terms to Know Before You Go

Here are hotel industry terms, specifically some words and phrases that deal with hotels and lodging. These accommodations definitions cover all aspects of a stay, from room types to meals and more.
how many continents are there?

10+ Geographical Terms Every World Traveler Should Know & Understand

A list of 10-plus geological and geographical terms to know along with their definitions to help world travelers become more informed and knowledgeable.
travel words and phrases

5 Great Travel Words for Those Who Travel the World

Here are some great travel words for travelers of the world; these travel-related terms are sure to empower and enlighten any traveler.
ethnicity nationality race identity culture heritage enrich

Ethnicity, Nationality, Race, Identity, Culture & Heritage (E.N.R.I.C.H.)

Ethnicity, nationality, race, heritage, culture, identity: these concepts can be confusing or misunderstood, so here we try to understand the differences.
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30+ Airport & Flight Terms

Airport & Flight Lingo, Jargon, Slang: An inconclusive list of over 30 different terms and phrases related to aircraft, airports, and flights.
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Travel Types Defined: What Kind Of Traveler Are You?

There are many kinds of travelers, and no wrong way to go about it. Which kind are you? This post defines some of the types of travel one may take.
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20+ Hospitality Industry Terms Defined

Here is an inconclusive list of various hospitality industry terms, words, phrases, buzzwords, neologisms, jargon, and more related definitions.
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15 Types of Alternative Travel: Definitions on Various Tourism Trends

An inconclusive list of various alternative travel trends neologisms and jargon that have been coined and adopted by today's travelers.