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markets of christmas featured

The 12 Markets of Christmas – 6 Traditional and 6 Alternative (Infographic)

This handy infographic illustrates a chosen 12 markets of Christmas, six with a traditional slant and six more quirky options.
Drottninggatan Stockholm Sweden

Touring Stockholm’s Drottninggatan

One of the best streets to explore Stockholm, Sweden's capital city, is by walking along Drottninggatan, which means Queen Street in Swedish.
Smorgasbord Julbord Sweden Christmas Dinner

Julbord – The Traditional Swedish “Christmas Table” Meal

A traditional Swedish Christmas is not complete without julbord, a holiday variation of the quintessential Smörgåsbord buffet-style meal in Sweden.
Swedish cultural concepts to understand Sweden

5 Swedish Cultural Concepts to Understand Sweden

Important Swedish cultural concepts to understand Sweden and the Swedish people, such as fika, allemansrätten, smorgasbord, ordning och reda, and lagom.
swedish flag waving

A Gazillion Reasons Why Sweden Is Better

Reasons why Sweden is better: Sweden has numerous utopian laws and practices that simply make the quality of life much better for its citizens and visitors.
Victory Hotel Room Gamla Stan Stockholm

Hotel Review: Victory Hotel, Gamla Stan, Stockholm

A review of of the elegant Victory Hotel in Stockholm's Old Town, Gamla Stan, in Sweden.
Vasa warship at Vasamuseet, the Vasa Museum in Stockholm, Sweden

The Vasa Museum & the Warship’s History, Stockholm, Sweden

A history of Vasa, Sweden's largest warship, and the Vasamuseet that houses it in Stockholm today.
Waldemarsudde Palace in Djurgården, Stockholm, Sweden

Djurgården in a Day: Stockholm’s Central Island of History

Djurgården would be a great option to make the most of a short stay in Stockholm. Full of history and stories, many of Sweden's best museums are found here.
Arriving in Stockholm

Riding the Overnight Tallink Ferry, Riga to Stockholm

The overnight Tallink Ferry from Riga, Latvia, to Stockholm, Sweden, is a great travel option across the Baltic instead of the ubiquitous budget flight.
Stockholm Card

Stockholm On a Budget: Get the Stockholm Card

Stockholm, Sweden, is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Cut down on costs and make more of your time with the Stockholm Card.

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