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street food being sold in Bangkok, Thailand

5 Important Food Safety Tips for Traveling Abroad (or Anywhere, Really)

Before you travel, it's important to familiarize yourself with generally safe and unsafe cuisine. Here are 5 food safety tips for traveling abroad.
stay safe in London as a traveler

How to Stay Safe in London as a Female Traveler

London is one of the safest cities in the world. Still, it pays to be vigilant, especially as a female traveler. This guide is for women visiting London.
how to stay safe in kuwait city

How to Stay Safe in Kuwait

Danger takes on many shapes and forms for tourists to Kuwait, so it is important to recognize and understand the local laws and customs in order to know how to stay safe in Kuwait. Many Kuwaiti laws and statutes are governed by Islamic law, which can be hard for non-Muslims to grasp.
girl in city traveling solo

How To Travel Alone: A Guide to Safe, Sane, Successful Solo Trips

A complete guide on learning how to travel alone, from staying safe and keeping your sanity to staving off boredom and depression during solo traveling.
Bogota Aerial View

Is Bogotá Safe?

This post aims to invalidate the theories and fears which posit that Bogotá, Colombia is not a safe city and that it is full of drugs.