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flag of Latvia

Latvia Facts: 10+ Points About the Country, Culture, History & More

Latvia facts: A collection of interesting points about the country, including history, geography, its culture, cuisine, cities, flag, people and more.
Lido Atputas Centrs Latvia

LIDO at Atpūtas Centrs in Riga, Latvia

The LIDO at Atpūtas Centrs in Riga, Latvia is the perfect place to have traditional Latvian and Baltic cuisine for lunch or dinner.

Castle of Light: The National Library of Latvia in Riga (Nacionālā bibliotēka)

The National Library of Latvia in Riga (Latvijas Nacionālā bibliotēka) is a fairly new building that serves as the country's main library branch. Called the Castle of Light, it truly is an architectural marvel located near the banks of the Daugava River.
Arriving in Stockholm

Riding the Overnight Tallink Ferry, Riga to Stockholm

The overnight Tallink Ferry from Riga, Latvia, to Stockholm, Sweden, is a great travel option across the Baltic instead of the ubiquitous budget flight.
Dining Area Primo Hotel Riga Latvia

Hotel Review: Primo Hotel, Riga, Latvia

Hotel review of a stay at Primo Hotel in Riga, Latvia, including, photos, prices, location, breakfast, room, reception, our take, and more.
Milda Freedom Monument Riga Latvia 1

Meet Milda, the Latvian Freedom Monument in Riga

As you walk throughout the central part of the Baltic city of Riga, Latvia, it is somewhat hard to miss seeing the Latvian Freedom Monument.
Leaving NYC JFK Airport for Latvia

Exploring Riga, Stockholm, and Copenhagen in a Week

My latest adventure took me to Northern Europe, specifically the countries of Latvia, Denmark, and Sweden.
Latvia Booked Trip

Next Up: Latvia! (& Also Copenhagen, Denmark and Stockholm, Sweden)

Next travel plan booked: going to Latvia! This trip will see me through Riga and Jurmala, but also to Copenhagen, Denmark and Stockholm, Sweden.