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Berliner Weihnachtszeit at Roten Rathaus Berlin Germany Christmas Market

25+ Best Christmas Markets: Top Holiday Markets From Around the World

One of the greatest things about the cold winter season is attending a festive holiday market. Here is our list of the best Christmas markets in the world.
Pałac Biskupów Krakowskich Kielce

Kielce, Poland: A Day Trip Guide

Kielce, Poland is a city which is well worth a day or weekend trip; the bishop's palace, museums, the market & Sienkiewicz street, Kielce has lots to offer.
Jelenia Góra Featured

Jelenia Góra: Spending a Day at Poland’s “Deer Mountain”

Jelenia Góra is a glimpse into centuries-old history and timeless, natural splendor. "Deer Mountain" in Poland is really worth a weekend or day trip to see.
flag of Poland

Polish Holidays: Important Events & Days Off for Poland

In this brief post, we list the most popular Polish holidays, events, and days off so that you can better understand Poland.
flag of Poland

Poland History: A Quick Timeline of Polish Historical Events

A brief historical timeline of Poland, including important dates and events from Poland's past. Get an overview of Polish history in no time.
Warsaw's Old Town Warszawa Stare Miasto

Stare Miasto w Warszawie: A Quick Tour of Warsaw’s Old Town

Random photographs offering a brief glimpse and quick look in and around the Polish capital city's "stare miasto," or Warsaw's Old Town.
Chopin Monument in Lazienki Park in Warsaw

Łazienki Park in Warsaw, Poland: A Brief Travel Guide & Gallery

The gorgeous Łazienki Park in Warsaw, Poland: A quick guide on visiting and several HDR photos of the botany and statues around the park.
Warsaw Rising Museum B-24J

Warsaw Rising Museum (Warsaw’s 1944 Uprising)

Crucial to understanding the Polish people, history & identity is to learn of the Warsaw Uprising, and the Warsaw Rising Museum is the best place to do so.
1944 Warsaw Uprising Collage

1944 Warsaw Uprising: A Brief History

The 1944 Warsaw Uprising was a major event during World War II, and a very important part of the history of Poland and its capital Warsaw.
Riding Berlin-Warszawa Express

Riding Along the Berlin-Warszawa Express

Riding on the Berlin-Warszawa Express from Berlin to Warsaw, an enjoyable experience through and through, from one great European city to the other.