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Airline, Pilot, and Flight Attendant Lingo & Slang

Airline Slang: Here are some words and phrases that pilots, flight attendants, and other airline staff have created and use now as their own lingo & slang.
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The Backpacker’s Monologue: Becoming Fairly Fluent Before You Arrive

The backpacker's monologue is a unique language-learning technique which helps travelers master the key words and phrases of a destination country quickly.
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Important Words, Phrases, and Gestures to Know When Traveling

A short list on what I think are the most important words to know in the language of the country you will travel to.
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15+ Terms to Augment Your Airline & Airport Acumen

Here is an inconclusive list of various airline airport terms, words, phrases, and jargon that are often used by pilots, crew members, airport staff, etc.