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Life of St Nicholas Fra Angelico

Nikulden: St. Nikola’s Day, Bulgaria

Nikulden is the Bulgarian version of St. Nick's Day. Read more about the legends, traditions, and customs of this holiday in this post!
Landscape with the Legend of St Christopher

Meet the Deities of Travelers: Travel Gods, Goddesses, Patron Saints

Travel deities - Hundreds and thousands of years ago, travelers would often ask the help of different deities, travel gods, goddesses, patron saints, etc. to assist them on their journey, often for safety. Here are all of them in one article.
Chinese lanterns for warding off against nian Chinese new year

The Legend of Nian and the Chinese New Year (Nónglì Xinnián)

The Chinese New Year is an important, traditional Chinese holiday, but it is derived from the name of a ferocious beast in Chinese mythology, the nian.
Penda Doll Martenitsa Baba Marta Day Bulgaria

The Legends Behind Baba Marta

Read about the legends behind Baba Marta Day in Bulgaria, Martenitsi, and about how red and white became the colors that symbolized it all.
Smok Wawelski Krakow Dragon in Poland

Smok Wawelski, the Krakow Dragon of Wawel Hill

Learn about the legend of Smok Wawelski, the Krakow dragon of Wawel Hill, from Polish folklore. Krakow's famous, fire-spitting dragon is a huge tourist draw to Poland's second-largest city.

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