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An Introduction to the Bulgarian Language

Here is a short but detailed introduction to the Bulgarian language, written by a native, including history and key words and phrases.
How to Say Cheers in Every Language

How to Say “Cheers” In Every Language (Well, a lot of them)

"Cheers" is one of the most useful phrases to know in another language. Learn how to say it, along with meaning and pronunciation, in many other languages.
language-learning quotes

25+ Greatest Language-Learning Quotes That Inspire

More than 25 of the best language-learning quotes from all over the world and from different times to inspire the love of studying new languages.
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Language Exchange Or Not?

Language Exchange Or Not? A language exchange may be one of the best ways to learn a new language, powered by real immersion and native speaker help.
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Gestures: Common In One Place, Perhaps Offensive Elsewhere

A guide to different gestures that mean different things in different places; you may mean well, but you may accidently offend if you're not careful!
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Important Words, Phrases, and Gestures to Know When Traveling

A short list on what I think are the most important words to know in the language of the country you will travel to.

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