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Whether you’re looking for insight into a national holiday, cultural holiday, religious holiday, or a holiday of some other sort, we’ve got the holiday articles for you right here.

Amazing Birthday Celebrations from Around the World

Amazing Birthday Celebrations from Around the World

Planning your birthday party or someone else's and need some inspiration? Check out these amazing birthday celebrations from cultures around the world.
Scenes Depicting St. Peter and St. Paul

Petrovden, the Day of St. Peter and Pavel

Petrovden is a famous name day in Bulgaria, celebrated annually on 29th June; it is widely-celebrated, as it is the day of St. Peter and St. Pavel.
Nativity of the Virgin Birth of Mary Icon

Babinden, Bulgaria’s Midwife’s Day

Babinden, Midwife’s Day in Bulgaria, is a holiday that’s been celebrated for many years to honor the midwives who helped with home births.
Christmas Decor

Koleduvane: A Bulgarian Christmas Tradition

Bulgarians have some great traditions, and the pre-Christmas Koleduvane is certainly one of them, a mix of pagan rituals and Christian symbols.
Life of St Nicholas Fra Angelico

Nikulden: St. Nikola’s Day, Bulgaria

Nikulden is the Bulgarian version of St. Nick's Day. Read more about the legends, traditions, and customs of this holiday in this post!
Smorgasbord Julbord Sweden Christmas Dinner

Julbord – The Traditional Swedish “Christmas Table” Meal

A traditional Swedish Christmas is not complete without julbord, a holiday variation of the quintessential Smörgåsbord buffet-style meal in Sweden.
International Women's Day Logo

International Women’s Day: Brief History & Traditions Around the World

On the March 8 each year, the world recognizes International Women's Day to commemorate the accomplishments, struggles, and renew promises to uplift women.
painting of the first Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving (US): Holiday Customs, History, Tradition & Controversy

Thanksgiving is one of the quintessential American holidays, and this article explains some of the traditions, customs, history, and controversy around it.
Duty Free Shops Ben Gurion Airport Israel

5 Ways to Make or Save Yourself Some Money by Taking a Holiday

Here are five nifty and unique ways to save money and/or make money the next time you decide to travel or take a vacation.
lamps for Diwali festival of lights

Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights & Good Triumphing Over Evil

Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, is one of the most important holidays in India and to various cultures and religions. Read about this festival and how they celebrate here.