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Walpurgis Night: The Germanic Festival Celebrating Summer Beginning

Walpurgis Night is a European holiday which combines some ancient pagan rituals with Christianity and held on the evening of April 30 to bring in summer.
Vintners Bush Osmizza Italy

Vintner’s Bush: One of the Oldest European Traditions

Vintner’s Bush has many forms and can be found in almost all European countries; it is one of the oldest traditions in Europe.
markets of christmas featured

The 12 Markets of Christmas – 6 Traditional and 6 Alternative (Infographic)

This handy infographic illustrates a chosen 12 markets of Christmas, six with a traditional slant and six more quirky options.
Schloss Nordkirchen university

Schloss Nordkirchen: A Tour of the Idyllic Forest Grounds

A day trip to visit the moated castle called Schloss Nordkirchen, referred to as the "Versailles of Westphalia" and located nearby Münster.
Münster Aasee Lake

Waking Up Next to Münster’s Aasee (the Aa Lake), Westphalia, Germany

Münster's claim to natural beauty fame rests in their lake, the Aasee, a man-made reservoir that now hosts bikers, joggers, and those out for a stroll.
St. Lambert's Church: The Lambertikirche of Münster

St. Lambert’s Church: The Lambertikirche of Münster, Westphalia, Germany

A quick guide to St. Lambert's Church, the Lambertikirche, in Münster, Westphalia, Germany, with history, architectural info, and more.
Riding Berlin-Warszawa Express

Riding Along the Berlin-Warszawa Express

Riding on the Berlin-Warszawa Express from Berlin to Warsaw, an enjoyable experience through and through, from one great European city to the other.
Berlin Hauptbahnhof Interior Train Upper Level

Berlin Hauptbahnhof: Staying Overnight in Europe’s Largest Train Station

Updated: 2018-03-15 On my previous trip to Warsaw, Poland, earlier this month, tickets from New York City were going for about $1300.00. This is a...