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Leaving NYC JFK Airport for Latvia

Exploring Riga, Stockholm, and Copenhagen in a Week

My latest adventure took me to Northern Europe, specifically the countries of Latvia, Denmark, and Sweden.
Couchsurfing Perils: Dinner Brighton Beach

CouchSurfing Perils, Schiller Edition: The Inevitable Downside of International Friendships

Couchsurfing is amazing; you can meet people of different cultures and backgrounds all the time, but it really sucks when they leave.
shared wallet for traveling with friends

The Shared Wallet: A Tool to Manage Finances While Traveling With Friends

A shared wallet is a great tool to implement among friends traveling together for money management and splitting costs evenly. A shared wallet is a powerful system to manage travel and dining finances and keep friendships going strong.
Joseph and Christian lost in Trieste, Italy needing coffee

How to Travel With Friends Without Killing Each Other

A complete guide on how to travel with friends without killing each other. Also, how to go on holiday with friends and family and still remain mates after the trip is over.
Jude Law funny story

Jude Law and a Semester Abroad: A Funny Story on Couchsurfing

A funny Couchsurfing story involving two visiting girls from Finland, a bar, cigarettes for the first time, and Jude Law.
DJ Word Cloud Cover

Gift and a Curse: Making Friends Abroad (A Couchsurfing Story)

A Couchsurfing story about making friends abroad and how the experience can be life-changing, though bittersweet.
Getting Hungary Adventure Planning 2

Planning the Next Adventure: I’m Getting Hungary!

Getting Hungary: Planning my next adventure to the Hungarian city of Miskolc with a friend, with perhaps a few other cities on the way.

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