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Long-Haul Flight Infographic Featured

Getting Through Your First Long-Haul Flight (Infographic)

Your first long-haul flight can be a daunting prospect, but with smart preparation and a positive mindset, it can be an awesome and memorable experience.
flight seats passengers featured

6+ Strange-but-True Flight Facts

Here are some nifty and strange-but-true airline and flight facts that I found interesting and that you may not have previously known.
DJ Word Cloud Cover

30+ Airport & Flight Terms

Airport & Flight Lingo/Jargon/Slang: An inconclusive list of over 30 different terms and phrases related to aircraft, airports, and flights.
first flight nightmare mexicana

My First Flight Nightmare

A story about my cancelled flight experience and an account of flight-related trouble with Mexicana Airlines due to it going bankrupt.

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