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Long-Haul Flight Infographic Featured

Getting Through Your First Long-Haul Flight (Infographic)

Your first long-haul flight can be a daunting prospect, but with smart preparation and a positive mindset, it can be an awesome and memorable experience.
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Do I Have the Right to Use a Knee Defender on a Flight?

It might be legal, and it might not be denied by flight authorities, but is it a passenger's right to be able to prevent a seat from reclining?
flight seats passengers featured

6+ Strange-but-True Flight Facts

Here are some nifty and strange-but-true airline and flight facts that I found interesting and that you may not have previously known.
plane lost cabin pressure over the Atlantic

That One Time My Plane Lost Cabin Pressure (A Not-So-Scary Flight Story)

What happens if an airplane loses cabin pressure in the middle of a flight? I found out from firsthand experience when my flight from New York to Bogota, Colombia had that happen.
travel hacking cover photo

Hacking Dual Flights (An Advanced Travel Hacking Strategy Guide)

Hacking dual flights is an advanced travel hacking strategy where you can save money when booking two different flights by purchasing them as one ticket.
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30+ Airport & Flight Terms

Airport & Flight Lingo, Jargon, Slang: An inconclusive list of over 30 different terms and phrases related to aircraft, airports, and flights.
first flight nightmare mexicana

My First Flight Nightmare

A story about my cancelled flight experience and an account of flight-related trouble with Mexicana Airlines due to it going bankrupt.