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Walpurgis Night: The Germanic Festival Celebrating Summer Beginning

Walpurgis Night is a European holiday which combines some ancient pagan rituals with Christianity and held on the evening of April 30 to bring in summer.
Vintners Bush Osmizza Italy

Vintner’s Bush: One of the Oldest European Traditions

Vintner’s Bush has many forms and can be found in almost all European countries; it is one of the oldest traditions in Europe.
European Pickpocket Hotspots Featured

European Pickpocket Hotspots (Infographic)

This infographic of European pickpocket hotspots shows nine different cities, along with some of its famous sites, where this timeless crime still happens.
brexit cover

Brexit Traveler’s Outlook: How Will Brexit Affect & Impact UK Travel?

Brexit traveler's outlook and overview on the United Kingdom leaving the European Union and how this will change and affect travel to and from the UK.
Christmas Markets Infographic Featured

7 Largest Christmas Markets From Around Europe (Infographic)

This handy infographic gives some interesting numbers and facts about the history and progression of the Christmas market tradition in Europe.
Riding Berlin-Warszawa Express

Europe by Rail: A Commentary on the Eurail Pass

A brief commentary on Jason's booze-filled adventures through Europe utilizing the Eurail pass, the unlimited train ticket aimed at travelers.
Armenia Azerbaijan Georgia Map

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia: In Asia or Europe?

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia: Asia or Europe? Are these countries Asian or European? This post aims to clear up some of the confusion.
inside a train car in Amsterdam

Why is Flying Cheaper Than Taking a Train in Europe?

Why is flying cheaper than taking a train in Europe, usually? Let's find out why trains are often the more expensive option compared to flights.
how many continents are there?

How Many Continents Are There?

How many continents are there? Are there six continents, or seven? What constitutes the boundaries of a continent? We look for the answer in this post.
USE-IT Europe Maps Featured Image

USE-IT European Maps: Paper Makes a Witty Comeback

USE-IT maps are free, unique city guides available for about two dozen cities throughout Europe in about a dozen countries.