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A country in southeastern Europe, Bulgaria has a lot to offer. From Sofia to Plovdiv to the Black Sea coast, here are all our Bulgaria articles.

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Ilinden: A Bulgarian Summer Holiday (Feast of St. Ilia)

Celebrated annually on 20 July, Ilinden, the Feast of St. Ilia, is among the most famous of the summer holidays and name days in Bulgaria.
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Eniovden: Bulgarian Midsummer & St. John’s Eve

Eniovden (sometimes called Enyovden or Saint John's Eve) is a Bulgarian summer holiday that is celebrated annually on 24th June, during Midsummer.
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Bulgarian Holidays: Important Events & Days Off for Bulgaria

In this brief post, we list the most popular Bulgarian holidays, events, and days off so that you can better understand Bulgaria.
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Bulgaria History: A Quick Timeline of Bulgarian Historical Events

A brief historical timeline of Bulgaria, including important dates and events from Bulgaria's past. Get an overview of Bulgarian history in no time.
Scenes Depicting St. Peter and St. Paul

Petrovden, the Day of St. Peter and Pavel

Petrovden is a famous name day in Bulgaria, celebrated annually on 29th June; it is widely-celebrated, as it is the day of St. Peter and St. Pavel.
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Bread in Bulgaria: Meaning, Symbols, Traditions & Superstitions

Bread in Bulgaria has a special place in their culture and history, and in this post, we look at just how important this staple is to the Bulgarian people.
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Babinden, Bulgaria’s Midwife’s Day

Babinden, Midwife’s Day in Bulgaria, is a holiday that’s been celebrated for many years to honor the midwives who helped with home births.
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Koleduvane: A Bulgarian Christmas Tradition

Bulgarians have some great traditions, and the pre-Christmas Koleduvane is certainly one of them, a mix of pagan rituals and Christian symbols.
Life of St Nicholas Fra Angelico

Nikulden: St. Nikola’s Day, Bulgaria

Nikulden is the Bulgarian version of St. Nick's Day. Read more about the legends, traditions, and customs of this holiday in this post!
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Bulgarian Wedding Traditions, Part 4: After the Wedding

This is part one of a four-part look into the culture and traditions of Bulgarian weddings and marriage, specifically after the wedding.