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plane lost cabin pressure over the Atlantic

That One Time My Plane Lost Cabin Pressure (A Not-So-Scary Flight Story)

What happens if an airplane loses cabin pressure in the middle of a flight? I found out from firsthand experience when my flight from New York to Bogota, Colombia had that happen.
Bogota Aerial View

Is Bogotá Safe?

This post aims to invalidate the theories and fears which posit that Bogotá, Colombia is not a safe city and that it is full of drugs.
US CBP Inspection

Encountering The U.S. Customs and Border Protection

My experience getting stopped by the United States Customs and Border Protection (US CBP) and detained for hours at my home airport, JFK.
D'Norberto Peluqueria in Colombia

Satisfy Your Indulgences Abroad

You're already traveling and spending money - why not save a bit by taking care of some of your luxuries and indulgences while abroad?
Colpatria Tower at Night

A 10-Day Bogotá Experience, Colombia’s Capital

My 10-Day Bogotá experience in Colombia's vibrant capital city for the first time. Food, museums, buses, mountains, beer, nightlife, art, and more.