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Hacking Airfare Basics (A Travel Hacking Guide)

Hacking airfare is just about the most common travel hacking practice these days. Here are some tips on how to maximize effectiveness and minimize spending.
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Hacking Dual Flights (An Advanced Travel Hacking Strategy Guide)

Hacking dual flights is an advanced travel hacking strategy where you can save money when booking two different flights by purchasing them as one ticket.
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Hacking Flights Via Currencies (An Advanced Travel Hacking Guide)

Hacking flights via currencies and exchange rates is a travel hacking technique of using different currencies to buy a plane ticket for a cheaper price.
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Travel Hacking Intro: A Beginner’s Guide to Travel Hacking Techniques

What is travel hacking? This post gives a brief travel hacking intro on techniques and strategies and on how to make travel hacking work for you.