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What the U.S. State Department Can and Can’t Do for You in a Crisis


Many travelers don’t know just how much help they can expect from the U.S. State Department when they are trying to leave a country during a crisis.

State Department Travel Crisis
DoD photo by Airman Troy R. Wegleitner, U.S. Navy.

Recent natural disasters and civil unrest overseas have resulted in evacuation warnings to U.S. citizens from the U.S. State Department. But many travelers don’t know just how much help they can expect from the U.S. government when they are trying to leave a country in crisis.

According to the official website, the State Department offers assistance based on the nature of the crisis. Their responsibilities range from providing information on the current conditions in a country to, in more serious situations, providing departure assistance if the resources are available. For example, the U.S. government recently issued an evacuation warning to U.S. citizens in Japan as the nuclear crisis escalated, and sent chartered planes to take U.S. citizens out of the country or relocate them to safe areas.

Amy Mullen is a writer and editor, and this is her guest post. She would rather travel than breathe. Unfortunately, the former can not replace the latter to sustain life, and also interferes with paying her bills, so she goes wherever she can, whenever she has the means. Her travel talents include getting lost in the Tokyo subway system, finding the cheapest beer in Reykjavik, and mistaking a brothel in Singapore for a karaoke bar with one of her favorite sisters.

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