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The Dauntless Jaunter Travel Site may at first appear to be chaotic and hard to navigate; perhaps daunting, if you will. This page will help put some order to the madness, and hopefully will help you understand the site better.


Dauntless Jaunter Travel Site was started at first as a simple travel blog. There was simply going to be stories from trips abroad. However, a love of travel and documenting it inevitably led to the site evolving into something more broadly-encompassing. Find out more about the site, the mission statement, and the authors below.

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Contact & Comments

If you ever feel the need to comment on a post, most articles have the space for it below the post. Simply leave your name and email address along with your comment, and your website, if you have one and want to. The comments system uses a “gravatar” as a thumbnail for your photo next to each comment you make. If you would like to set this “globally-recognized avatar” simply go to www.gravatar.com and sign up. Many sites use this gravatar system now, so it would help to do so if you comment on these other sites, as well. From then on, any time you comment with the associated email address, your gravatar will display next to your comment, rather than a generic one.

If you would like to contact us more privately, whether it be to criticize, compliment, or let us know of an issue, use our contact page HERE »


The core of this site are the articles/posts. On the homepage, you will only see the latest 10 or so posts, but there are much more than that, and in numerous categories. On the main navigation bar, which is the wide bar at the top of every page just below the logo, you will see a tab called “(All) Articles.” Click on “All Articles” itself to be taken to a page with every article in history in descending chronological order, or hover over the button for a dropdown menu that lets you choose to view articles from specific categories, also in reverse chronological order (latest posts first).

Destination Guides

As we continue to travel and learn about each new place, we build up a landing page for each one. In that same main navigation bar (thick bar just below the logo), you will see a tab called “Destinations.” Hover over this tab to pick a specific region and go to that landing page. From there are countries, then cities, then even neighborhoods, for some of the cities that we’ve documented more extensively. On each city page, you will find links to relevant articles that were written about said city, as well as photos, an interactive Google Map, guides on the city (what to do, where to eat, nightlife, etc.), and an overview of the city.

Travel Tips, Advice, and How-To’s

This is one of the best parts of the entire site. All of the most-useful articles are listed here, separated into over a dozen categories. There are travel preparation tips, travel hacking articles, ticket booking advice, and much more. Be sure not to miss this page, if it is the only one you go to!

Travel Industry Information

Under “Travel Industry Info,” you will find generic information about various segments of the travel industry, categorized into: Airlines, Hotels, Travel Booking Sites, Car Rentals, and more. Under each segment, there is such useful information as lists of companies, their websites, phone numbers, etc.


The “Resources” page leads to sub-pages with several other travel-related resources. You can find such things here as downloads, language learning, and more.


As with any industry, the travel industry has come up with its own jargon, terms, and neologisms. Check out our ever-expanding travel glossary if you ever need to look up and define a travel-related word, phrase, or abbreviation that you are unsure of.

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