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Sandwiches Around the World (Infographic)


This colorful infographic takes a quick look at twelve unique sandwiches around the world, including Argentina, Belgium, the UK, Mexico, and more.

What do Sandwiches Look Like Around the World?

“It’s a very simple concept, taking some fillings and putting them between two pieces of bread, but the humble sandwich is a universal snack which is loved all around the world, no matter which country you’re from. With that in mind, we’re taking a quick look at twelve unique sandwiches from around the world.”

sandwiches around the world

United Kingdom: Chip Butty

“Call it what you want, a butty, barm, sarnie, bap, cob, or roll, but we have to start here in the UK with a classic chip sandwich, topped off with your choice of ketchup or brown sauce.”

sandwiches around the world

India: Vada Pav

“Vada Pav is a popular street food in India, and best of all, it’s suitable for veggies and vegans too, consisting of battered and fried potato, in buns, topped with delicious chutney.”

sandwiches around the world

Chile: Chacarero

“This traditional South American sandwich contains thinly sliced steak or pork in a round roll, topped off with tomatoes and chilli peppers. But what makes the chacarero so unique is its final ingredient, a helping of green beans!”

sandwiches around the world

Vietnam: Banh Mi

“These Vietnamese street snacks are bursting with flavour, with pork, veg, coriander, and jalapenos stuffed into a baguette. While it originated in southeast Asia, we’re starting to see bahn mi being sold in cities around the world.”

sandwiches around the world

Mexico: Cemita

“Originating in the southern Mexican state of Puebla, the cemita consists of avocado, white cheese, onions, salsa roja and the meat of your choice.”

sandwiches around the world

Turkey: Doner Kebab

“One we’re sure you’ll be familiar with if you’ve ever frequented a high-street takeaway on a Saturday night, you might not necessarily think of the kebab as a sandwich, but they are! They’re hugely popular in Turkey, where they aren’t just eaten as a greasy follow-up to a night of drinking!”

sandwiches around the world

Singapore: Kaya Toast

“In Singapore (and neighboring Malaysia), the locals enjoy this sweet sandwich where the bread is covered in butter and kaya jam (which is made from egg and coconut milk), which is cooked in a similar way to French toast. Particularly popular with a boiled egg first thing in the morning!”

sandwiches around the world

France: Jambon Beurre

“One to try if you ever find yourself in a Parisian deli, the jambon beurre is a baguette covered in butter, filled with ham, cheese and a big gherkin!”

sandwiches around the world

Belgium: Mitraillette

“Not one for you if you’re trying to stick to a diet, the mitraillette is a sandwich of fried meat, topped with fries and plenty of mayonnaise. Just don’t think about the calories!”

sandwiches around the world

Japan: Katsu-Sando

“In Japan, breaded and fried meats are served on normal white bread, with the intriguing combination of mustard and mayo to top it all off.”

sandwiches around the world

Argentina: Choripan

“This spicy Argentinian delicacy packs a lot of different flavours, with a tasty sausage such as chorizo, covered in a fiery chimichurri salsa, and sometimes with an egg thrown in for good measure. Just be sure you’re prepared for the burn!”

sandwiches around the world

Brazil: Bauru

“This Brazilian sandwich consists of roast beef on a French roll, topped with plenty of mozzarella, gherkins, tomato and oregano.”

sandwiches around the world

This infographic was created for SousVideTools.com. It was edited down here into separate slides to reduce the page load time of the entire, large graphic, but you can find the full infographic here »

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