Post-Flight: Tips for an Enjoyable Flight Experience

Updated: 2017-11-30.

Here are some carefully-curated tips and advice for ensuring an enjoyable flight experience after you leave the plane.

Post-Flight Tips: Exit the Plane in an Orderly Fashion

When the plane has landed and finished parking, everyone immediately jumps up. However, there is a proper, though unspoken, way of exiting the plane. It’s quite simple: From front to back, row by row. Allow each passenger in the row in front of you to get themselves into the aisle, grab their belongings from overhead, and exit, before you do yourself. It is a dickish move to not let someone out who is apparently trying to step into the aisle in front of you. You can pass them later in the airport, if you must.

Post-Flight Tips: Enroll in a Trusted Traveler Program

If you’re a frequent flier, perhaps you should look into enrolling in a trusted traveler program. These programs take you through extra security screening once, and then you simply pay an annual fee and get to go through a designated line – much faster than waiting in the normal line for passengers to get through immigration and customs. There are also several programs which let you get past the initial checkpoint security screening early.

Post-Flight Tips: Avoid “Gypsy” Taxi Cabs (Or Not)

At every airport I’ve ever been to, whether it’s my home airport in New York City or somewhere abroad, I get hounded by taxi drivers as I exit the terminal; it seems like a luxury, right? Well, virtually every time, these guys are not sanctioned or licensed by the area, and are operating illegally.

Be careful to accept one, as they may get pulled over (though it’s rare), but also because they often cannot have insurance benefits that cover you, should they get into an accident with you in the vehicle. Sometimes that legit taxi line is long, and after a long flight it may feel refreshing just to take something so apparently convenient (and I’ve done it before), but just be careful and know your rights (rights being that you are probably forfeiting your rights should you use a “gypsy” cab).

Post-Flight Tips: Remember to Claim Credit

After the trip is over, don’t forget to make sure that the miles or points are credited to your frequent-flier program. Unless you had an award flight or some severely-discounted fare, mileage should be able to be earned on the frequent flier program of the airline – or partner airlines, in some cases.

Post-Flight Tips: Fight Jet Lag

You are bound to become susceptible to the effects of jet lag the more time zones you travel across. Upon arrival, whether at your travel destination or back home on the way back, try to immediately set your schedule to the local time. If you’re tired and it’s only afternoon, try to fight through the rest of the day to sleep, lest you be kept awake when you should be sleeping. The quicker you get acclimated to the new time zone, the quicker the effects of jet lag are reduced and disappear.

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