Travel Hacking: Strategies, Concepts, Ideas & More

Updated: 2017-11-18
This area will focus on the recent art form of travel hacking. Learn what exactly it is, how it is changing the way people travel, and how you can manage to use it to your advantage.

Travel Hacking: Basics & Essentials

Travel Hacking 101: Introduction to the World of Travel Hacking

Cheap Flights & How to Find Them: Beginner’s Guide to Travel Hacking

Travel Hacking: Airlines & Airfare

Hacking Airfare Basics (A Travel Hacking Guide)

The Mileage Run

Hacking Flights Via Currencies

Minor Airports/Smaller Cities

Hacking Dual Flights

Travel Hacking: Loyalty & Frequent Flier Programs

Hacking Airline Rewards, Miles, and Status

Travel Hacking: Accommodations

Hacking Accommodations & Lodging

Travel Hacking: Other

Hidden City Ticketing

Maximize Frequent Flier Rewards: Shopping & Dining

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