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Assorted Online Tools

Just a small collection of assorted travel-related and world-related online tools that we thought might interest you:

Online Tools: Expatistan

I believe this to be the neatest cost-of-living comparison calculator out there. It is simple – you simply enter one city in one box, and another city in the other box, and the database pits the two against each other. Though it sounds simple, it seems to offer detailed information about the two cities, and they claim to have well over a half-million prices (goods, services, etc.) from over 1500 cities.

The best part (or the part that some might say is its downfall), is that it is collaborative, almost wiki-like, in that users can help add or change information to keep the comparisons fresh and updated. Founded by Gerardo Robledillo, who started some other useful tools listed on this page, such as World Taximeter and 360Cities. Visit Expatistan »

Online Tools: World Taximeter

A useful travel tool by Expatistan founder Gerardo Robledillo and Jose Lorenzo, the World Taximeter website helps travelers heading to some of the most-visited cities in the world to determine an estimate of point-to-point taxi fares. Since most taxis are not flat-rate, remember that these kind of tools can never be completely accurate; use for reference only. Visit World Taximeter »

Online Tools: Lifetramp

This is a new platform that aims to connect people through a sharing environment. Essentially, people who deem themselves to have interesting or unique job/career opportunities sign up to become Lifetramp “mentors.” Then others who are interested can browse the list of mentors on the website and sign up to spend a day following that mentor around and learning a bit of the skills and challenges that face people in that career path or job industry. Visit Lifetramp »

Online Tools: CouchSurfing

This social travel platform hardly needs any introduction. With its unique way of connecting travelers with locals, whether for a drink, meal, or homestay, Couchsurfers usually make close friends for life. Visit CouchSurfing »

Online Tools: 360Cities

360Cities is the web’s largest collection of stunning, georeferenced panoramic photos, created by a network of thousands of individual photographers who contribute from all around the world. Visit 360Cities »

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