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The main part of our site, where you can visit a country’s landing page and from there browse articles, facts, tips, important dates, culture, history, and more information.

International Plug Types

Learn and identify the different plug and socket types used by countries all around the world; see if you’re prepared for your next trip!


We offer some free downloads here of documents, such as travel checklists and guides.

Glossary of Travel-Related Terms

Check out our baby, the Dauntless Jaunter Travel Glossary, when you need to look up a travel industry-related term; also has some words, phrases, and neologisms from other categories, such as food, culture, geography, etc.

Language Learning

A page that will soon contain free language-learning material.

Assorted Travel Tools

This page has ’em all; from tipping guides to cost-of-living comparison applications and calculators for expats, this page lists some of the best tools in their genre from around the web.

Travel Industry Information

This parent page further directs you to more-detailed pages that gives information about the travel industry, separated into Airlines, Hotels & Accommodations, Trains, Airports, and more.


Test your knowledge of the world, whether its countries, cities, transportation, culture, history, or more, and learn something in the process!

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All posts and pages of our best tips and advice compiled over the years, found on one easy-to-navigate page.