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Planning the Next Adventure: I’m Getting Hungary!


Getting Hungary: Planning my next adventure to the Hungarian city of Miskolc with a friend, with perhaps a few other cities on the way.

I am starting to get restless; it’s been two months now since my last adventure, which took me to Montreal, Warsaw, Amsterdam, and Paris. I hate waiting this long to go on the next trip, but luckily for me, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel – August, 2012 will have me in the eastern European country of Hungary!

Getting Hungary Adventure Planning 1
The route we will probably take.

My friend, Reni, is a native of Miskolc, Hungary, a city in the northeastern portion of the country and home to about 170,000 people. Reni came to visit New York City 7 years ago, and she loved it so much that she overstayed her tourist visa (I seem to love the company of people that have no regard for authority 😉 ). 7 years later, she has now worked out her green card, and she is going to go home and see friends and family for the first time in a while (she is not just getting Hungary, she is absolutely starving!).

Getting Hungary Adventure Planning 2
The route I would love to take.

Reni also offered me a story that she believes explains her circumstances over the past 7 years: It seems that 7 years ago, right before she came to visit the United States, she went to a bar somewhere in Hungary with several friends. While she was drinking, a gypsy lady approached her and asked my friend to buy her a shot of vodka.

Reni declined, and as the gypsy woman went to look for someone else to ask, she placed a 7-year curse of bad luck on Reni! 2012 is her seventh year, so it looks like the curse is wearing off; the first few months of this year had so many great things happen to her that it is hard not to believe this curse story. (Today’s lesson: Hell hath no fury like a Hungarian woman scorned.)

So, I am tagging along, and we decided to make an adventure out of it. Instead of flying from New York to Budapest, we hope to fly to Rome, Italy, and then rent a car which we will use to drive through several other cities, such as Bologna, Venice, and Vienna, Austria. Or maybe we will go from Italy through Slovenia and Croatia. Or perhaps through Switzerland, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Whichever path we end up choosing, it’s bound to be a phenomenal time. The return trip will be from Budapest back to New York City.

Though it is still about 4 months away, I am thrilled to be planning another European itinerary. And eastern Europe has always captivated me, as the people are more down to earth and are genuine; even the regional cuisines are amazing!

Christian Eilers
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Christian Eilers
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  • Hahaha! We will have a blast, I promise. You might even like it so much there that you decide to overstay your visa for about 7 years 😉

  • How long will you planning to stay, Christian? :)) This route takes at least 7 weeks! 🙂 I guess you just try to stay in Europe for 7 years…have you met a gypsy in a bar yet? If you do so, just let me know! :))
    Anyway, I will travel with you through some countries nearby, but I do not have too much holidays left, as I am going to US this year! :))
    I cannot wait to see you guys in Hungary, we will have so much fun in both continents! xoxo

    • Gabi, the only gypsy I’ve ever met in a bar was Reni, so maybe I’m in the middle of my 7 year curse as we speak 😉 I’m very excited to come see your home country, and I know we will have a great time. Can’t wait to see you in New York in a few months!

  • Well, Eilers, if you don’t watch your mouth, you’ll meet some gypsies, I might even trade you for a non-stick pot set with one. 😉 And meeting you a couple of years ago was certainly part of my curse…

    • I should be worth more than a nonstick cookware set, no? We’re gonna have problems on our adventure, it seems…. 😉

    • Kat, thanks also! I will be checking up on your adventures from time to time, and I hope you also stop back by over here. Safe travels!

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