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Updated: 2018-05-13.

Ukraine | Україна

Ukraine is a vast country in eastern Europe. Other than the relative popularity of its capital Kyiv (or Kiev), it remains somewhat untouched and undiscovered by foreign travelers. Ukraine is bordered by several countries, with Russia to the east, Belarus to its northwest, Romania and Moldova to its southwest, and Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary to its west; the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov forms most of the southern border. Perhaps for this reason, Ukraine’s name translates to “Land on the Edge.” Interestingly, it is also the largest country that is situated entirely within Europe.

The country of Ukraine is full of natural beauty. There are the Carpathian Mountains full of forests and rolling, green meadows. Sunbathing along the beaches around Odessa will leave you questioning whether you really are in a Slavic nation. Then relax at one of the many ski resorts and wellness spas that dot cities and towns such as Bukovel and Truskavets.

The heart of the country is its capital and largest city Kyiv. Located in the northern-central part of Ukraine, Kiev is a great start at seeing what the country has to offer. Like many of the great European cities, Kiev also sits on a river, the Dnipro River (Dnieper River), which is the fourth-longest in Europe. All around the city, there are numerous architecturally-prominent buildings. The Cathedral of St. Sophia, Percherska Lavra, the Golden Gate are just a few.

Ukraine was once the largest and most powerful kingdom in Europe. The 20th century and the subsequent global financial crisis of the 2000’s brought the country down to an all-time low. However, the people are resilient, and the country is eager to show off its wonders and history once more.

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