Slovenia Destination Guide & Country Overview

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Updated: 2018-05-04.

Republic of Slovenia | Republika Slovenija

Slovenia is an almost-landlocked country in Central-Eastern Europe, just north of the countries within the Balkan Peninsula. Italy is to its west, Austria is to its north, Croatia is to its southeast, and Hungary is to its northeast.  Slovenia has a small coastline on the Adriatic Sea to its west.

Once a part of the country of Yugoslavia, it has modernized much over the past several decades, becoming the first formerly-communist nation to join the Eurozone (currency union).

Travelers find that Slovenia offers a lot to visit for, from the non-touristy streets of the capital Ljubljana to the many rivers and forests which cover the land. Ecotourists also are fond of Slovenia, as it was declared to be the most sustainable country in 2016. Ljubljana is a 45-minute train ride from Austria’s capital Vienna.

The term (demonym) for the people of Slovenia and things from Slovenia is Slovene, though many people wrongly say Slovenian (including myself, in the past).

flag of Slovenia

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