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Updated: 2018-05-13.

Romania | România

First of all, where is Romania? Romania is a country in southeastern Europe bordering Bulgaria to the south, Moldova to the east, Ukraine to the north and east, and Hungary and Serbia to the west. It has some real estate along the Black Sea; some people say that Romania looks like a fish jumping west out of the Black Sea (see the map of Romania, below).

Romania is a member of the European Union and NATO. It has not entered the Eurozone (currency), and it is still awaiting admission into the Schengen Zone.

Bucharest is the capital and largest city of Romania, located near the southern border with Bulgaria. Other traveler-favorite cities are Cluj-Napoca, Timișoara, Iași, Constanța, Craiova, Brașov, and Galați, by order of population size.

Romania as a whole remains a budget traveler’s dream destination. Though it is in the EU, prices are cheaper on average than those in any of the other EU countries. Large cities dispersed throughout the country, seaside resorts, and great train and bus connections keep tourists and backpackers coming back year after year.

flag of Romania

Map of Romania and Bordering Countries

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