Kuwait Destination Guide & Country Overview

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Updated: 2018-05-04.

State of Kuwait | Dawlat al-Kuwait

Kuwait is a small nation on the northern part of the Arabian Peninsula, part of Western Asia and generally considered to be a portion of the Middle East. Iraq is located to its north, Saudi Arabia to its south, and the Persian Gulf is on the southeast.

The country has only one main international airport, Kuwait International Airport (KWI). Arabic is the national language, but English is taught in the schools and understood in most places.

Kuwait City is the capital of the country and really holds the majority of attractions and activities within the country – so much so that Kuwait can almost be referred to as a city-state, similar to Singapore. It is a seaport city, located on a bay in the northeastern banks of the Persian Gulf. The city is quite a modern metropolis, with high-rises and office buildings everywhere. Check out the Kuwait Towers for an excellent view of the city below.

Although it is not as repressive a country as it used to be, many of the customs and laws may be nonetheless found draconian, harsh, and excessive by visitors, especially for those hailing from the Western world. Alcohol is banned inside the country, and any found in your luggage will be confiscated. Drugs are illegal and penalties for drug crimes, including possession, can be heavy, up to execution! Read more about safety in Kuwait.

Israeli nationals are still prohibited from entering Kuwait, and even people of other nationalities may find it difficult to enter the country if the customs area sees an Israeli stamp in your passport.

flag of Kuwait

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