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Finland Travel Guide: Country & Destination Information for Visiting


Finland travel guide and destination overview of the country. Key information, general overview, and more for travelers to Finland.

Republic of Finland • Suomen Tasavalta (Finnish) • Republiken Finland (Swedish)

Finland is located in Northern Europe, between Sweden to its west and Russia to its east.

It has a long maritime border, including the Gulf of Bothnia, Gulf of Finland, and the great Baltic Sea. It is often referred to as a Scandinavian country, though technically it is not on the Scandinavian Peninsula; to group it with its Nordic siblings, it is said to be part of the greater Fennoscandia (Fenno-Scandinavia) – the Fennoscandian Peninsula.

Finland has been a member of the European Union since 1995, and it was among the first to join the euro currency at its 1999 initiation. It is also a part of the borderless Schengen Zone.

flag of Finland

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Finland Travel Information & Key Points

General points to know about the country of Finland – demographics, important ages, phone numbers, key statistics, and more, whether you’re traveling there or not.

Capital: Helsinki (& largest city)

Population: 5.5 million (2020 estimate)

Language(s): Finnish, Swedish, Sami

President: Sauli Niinistö

Prime Minister: Sanna Marin

Currency: Euro € (EUR)

Area: 338,424 km2 (130,666 mi2)

Dialing Code: +358

Time Zone: Eastern European Time “EET” (UTC+2)
•   DST/Summer Time: Eastern European Summer Time “EEST” (UTC+3)

Demonym: Finnish or Finn (what is a demonym?)

Endonym: Suomi (their name for their country)

Emergency Number: 112

Drinking Age: 18-20 (varies by alc. strength & location)

Smoking Age: 18

Age of Consent: 16

Drives on the: Right

Electricity & Adapter: Plug Types C / F (define)

ISO Country Code: FI

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