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Bulgaria Travel Guide: Country & Destination Information for Visiting


Bulgaria travel guide and destination overview of the country. Key information, general overview, and more for travelers to Bulgaria.

Republic of Bulgaria | Република България

Bulgaria is a country located in Eastern Europe, towards the south, actually the oldest state on the continent. It is bordered by Greece and Turkey to the south, Romania to the north, Serbia and Macedonia to the west, and the Black Sea to the east.

Its capital and largest city is Sofia. It is a member of the European Union and NATO. Bulgaria is one of the countries located on the Balkan Peninsula, along with many of its neighbors.

Bulgarians speak Bulgarian, which is a language related to other Eastern European Slavic languages, especially Serbo-Croatian and Slovenian, though also bearing some similarities to Polish and Russian. Bulgarian uses the Cyrillic alphabet and writing system, making it a bit difficult for many tourists. English is widely taught in many of the schools, which may make up for the Cyrillic alphabet.

As one of the southern countries in Eastern Europe, Bulgarian food has many Greek and Turkish influences. Try the shopska salad while your there, and don’t leave out the moussaka, gyuvetch, sarmi, drob sarma, and kavarma.

If there is time, you would be well-rewarded for visiting Bulgaria’s many mountain ranges, where ancient forests and winding rivers are all over. Of course, there are a lot of great things to do in Bulgaria, whether you enjoy historical tourism, cities, beaches, or something else.

flag of Bulgaria

Bulgaria Travel Information & Key Points

General points to know about the country of Bulgaria – demographics, important ages, phone numbers, key statistics, and more, whether you’re traveling there or not.

Capital: Sofia (& largest city)

Population: 7.2 million (2017 estimate)

Language(s): Bulgarian

President: Rumen Radev

Prime Minister: Boyko Borisov

Currency: Bulgarian Lev (BGN)

Area: 110,994 km2 (42,855 mi2)

Dialing Code: +359

Time Zone: Eastern European Time “EET” (UTC+2), DST/Summer Time: Eastern European Summer Time “EEST” (UTC+3)

Demonym: Bulgarian (what is a demonym?)

Endonym: България (Bǎlgarija) (their name for their country)

Emergency Number: 112

Drinking Age: 18

Smoking Age: 18

Age of Consent: 14

Drives on the: Right

Electricity & Adapter: 230 V, 50 Hz, Plug Types C / F (define)

ISO Country Code: BG

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