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Angola Travel Guide: Country & Destination Information for Visiting


Angola travel guide and destination overview of the country. Key information, general overview, and more for travelers to Angola.

heading to the beach is one of the best things to do in Angola
A beach in Benfica, Belas Municipality, the province of Luanda, Angola. Taken by H. Sebastião via unsplash.com. [Public Domain].

Republic of Angola • República de Angola • Repubilika ya Ngola

Angola is the 7th largest country in Africa by area, located in the south of the African continent. The Atlantic Ocean makes up its entire western border, while the Democratic Republic of the Congo is to its north, Zambia to its east, and Namibia is to the south.

Part of Angola, Cabinda, is separate from the rest as an exclave province to the north; Cabinda borders both the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of the Congo.

The Portuguese colonized the area, and its influence remains quite strong today; Portuguese remains the national language, though there are six other officially recognized languages: Kikongo, Chokwe, Umbundu, Kimbundu, Nganguela, and Kwanyama.

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flag of Angola

Angola Travel Information & Key Points

General points to know about the country of Angola – demographics, important ages, phone numbers, key statistics, and more, whether you’re traveling there or not.

Capital: Luanda (& largest city)

Population: 26 million (2019 estimate)

Language(s): Portuguese (official), Kikongo, Chokwe, Umbundu, Kimbundu, Nganguela, Kwanyama

President: João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço

Vice President: Bornito de Sousa

Currency: Kwanza (AOA)

Area: 1,246,700 km2 (481,400 mi2)

Dialing Code: +244

Time Zone: West Africa Time “WAT” (UTC+1)

Demonym: Angolan (demonym explanation)

Endonym: Ngola (their name for their country)

Emergency Numbers: 113 for police, 112 for fire, 115 for ambulance

Drinking Age: 18

Smoking Age: 18 to purchase

Age of Consent: 15

Drives on the: Right

Electricity & Adapter: 220-240 V, 50 Hz, Plug Type C (define plug adapters)

ISO Country Code: AO

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