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What Pizza Looks Like Around the World (Infographic)


When we think of pizza, the first thing that springs to mind is the Italian classic, but this infographic shows us what pizza looks like around the world.

Updated: 2018-11-04.
pizza-looks-around-world-infographic-1“While food around the world can take all manner of shapes and sizes, there is one delicious common denominator that pretty much all of humanity enjoys: pizza!

When we think of pizza, the first thing that springs to mind is the Italian classic, the Neapolitan (or its official variant, the margherita); however, different countries always like to do things a little differently and pizza is no exception.”

What Pizza Looks Like in Naples, Italy

pizza-looks-around-world-infographic-2“When most people think of pizza, they think of a Neapolitan, that which originated in Naples, Italy and portrays the colours of the Italian flag.”

What Pizza Looks Like in Rome, Italy

pizza-looks-around-world-infographic-3“A close cousin of the Neapolitan, Pizza Bianca is a dressed-down version, containing neither cheese or tomato sauce. It is known by many as ‘white pizza.'”

What Pizza Looks Like in Turkey

pizza-looks-around-world-infographic-4“Whilst lahmacun may look somewhat similar to Italian pizza, their tastes are completely different, despite many knowing it as ‘Turkish Pizza.'”

What Pizza Looks Like in Chicago, USA

pizza-looks-around-world-infographic-5“The defining characteristic of Chicago’s deep dish pizza is its crust: baked in a pan, each pie has a thicker crust that can rise up to three inches high along the edges.”

What Pizza Looks Like in Georgia

pizza-looks-around-world-infographic-6Khachapuri looks like a calzone crossed with an egg sandwich. The dough is stuffed with cheese before being topped with an egg and butter.”

What Pizza Looks Like in Japan

pizza-looks-around-world-infographic-7“Selected toppings and ingredients are added which can vary greatly (anything from meat and seafood to wasabi and cheese). ‘Okonomi’ literally means ‘to one’s liking.'”

What Pizza Looks Like in Lebanon

pizza-looks-around-world-infographic-8Manakish is commonly eaten at breakfast due to its ease and speed of preparation, low price tag, tastiness and its readiness to marry with a multitude of ingredients.”

What Pizza Looks Like in Hungary

pizza-looks-around-world-infographic-9“A piece of deep-fried flatbread is topped with sour cream, meat, or garlic butter which is commonly eaten in Hungary, Czech Republic (now Czechia) and Slovakia as a street food.”

What Pizza Looks Like in Macedonia

Pizza Looks Around World 10“Also known as ‘Macedonian Pizza,’ traditional pastrmajlija is long-shaped with a topping of small cubes of dried pork or lamb and served with two eggs on the top of it.”

What Pizza Looks Like in India

Pizza Looks Around World 11“This popular Indian flatbread is similar in many ways to naan and is a typical side dish. It can be stuffed with veg, meat, or egg and served on its own, pizza-style.”

What Pizza Looks Like in Poland

Pizza Looks Around World 12“Pizza meets sandwich in Polish favourite zapiekanka, this popular street food which is commonly associated with the austere times of Poland‘s Communist regime.”


Pizza Looks Around World sourcesThis infographic was created by digitaloft for CityBase Apartments. It was edited down here into separate slides to reduce the page load time of the entire, large graphic, but you can find the full infographic here »

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