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8 Packing Techniques to Help You Save Space in Your Suitcase (Infographic)


This “Packing Techniques” infographic by Expedia shows you eight different strategies to help you save some space in your suitcase on your next trip.

8 Packing Techniques to Help You Save Space in Your Suitcase

Packing Techniques Infographic 0

“From wrinkled clothing to fees for placing baggage in the hold, we’ve all experienced luggage nightmares that could easily have been avoided. Here’s how to make packing for your next getaway stress free.”

Packing Technique #1: Utilize Your Shoes

Packing Techniques Infographic 1

“Shoes are an excellent way to make use of every inch of space available.”

Packing Technique #2: Start Rolling

Packing Techniques Infographic 2

“Without a doubt, rolling is the preferential packing method for saving space and reducing wrinkles.”

Packing Technique #3: Master the Military-Style Roll

Packing Techniques Infographic 3

“This technique works best for t-shirts.”

Packing Technique #4: Embrace the ‘Clown-Car’ Style

Packing Techniques Infographic 4

“Despite its questionable name, this style of packing really does maximize space.”

Packing Technique #5: Fold From Front to Back

Packing Techniques Infographic 5

“If rolling really isn’t for you, try the filing method.”

Packing Technique #6: Invest in Packing Cubes

Packing Techniques Infographic 6

“You may have heard of them and never tried them, yet they’re a travel accessory everyone seems to love.”

Packing Technique #7: Use Resealable Bags

Packing Techniques Infographic 7

“To keep similar items together in your suitcase, employ the use of small food bags.”

Packing Technique #8: Invest in Compression

Packing Techniques Infographic 8

“Zipper bags are best for dirty laundry, bulky items of clothing or pieces you don’t mind getting creased.”


Packing Techniques Infographic Sources

“So there you have it, how to pack everything you need – and several things you probably don’t but can’t bear to leave behind – for a budget break away.”

Hope you enjoy! This infographic was provided as one long panel by Expedia.ca, via its producer Neomam. For the full-sized version, check it out here »

Also, Expedia put out a video version of this as well, so you can check that out on our site this way »

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