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Stuck at Home? View 500+ Museum Collections From Your Home


Google has partnered with over 500 world-renowned museums and art galleries to digitize thousands of collections for you to view online for free!

Whether you think Google is awesome and the best invention humanity ever came up with or you believe that one day they might conquer the whole planet, there are plenty of lesser-known features in Google that are very entertaining, helpful, and educational.

One such instance is Google Arts & Culture.

For those of you who can’t afford to travel the world to visit the best museums or those being responsible staying at home for the sake of social distancing, there is a way out! Forget your cabin fever for several enjoyable hours and dive into the vast trove of digitized art and artifacts from their online museum collections and galleries.

Van Gogh Starry Night online museum collections and galleries
“The Starry Night” by Vincent van Gogh owned by the Museum of Modern Art in New York City is one of many pieces of art you can view online through Google Art and Culture. [Image is in the Public Domain]

Google Arts & Culture has an amazing collection of world renowned museums which you can visit online. Clicking into each of those museums, you can see digital copies of selected works of art from their collections, learn more about each exhibit, and educate yourself on the artist who created it or various art movements.

And it’s not just art.

Many of the online museum collections are based on natural history, such as the Moai monolithic figures of Easter Island which can be viewed online in wonderful 3D glory.

There are even sports spotlights, such as an online exhibit entitled “The Rise of Women’s Football in Brazil.” Or, head inside Versailles and tour the king’s bedchamber in 360 degrees and 3D, as well.

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For many museums, you can even have a virtual tour using Street View, which actually, in this case, becomes an “Inside View”. It allows you to take a virtual walk inside the museum and see how it actually looks.

Why leave home?

Some of the most famous museums and collections include:

In our age of digitalization, we have endless possibilities even while staying at home. Use this time and opportunity wisely and check out one of those collections instead of binge-watching another episode of yet another Netflix show!

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