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Nordgreen Native Watch Review: A Trendy & Tasteful Timepiece


We review the Nordgreen Native Watch, a simple and stylish wristwatch from a socially conscious new brand based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Up-front disclosure: We received this watch from Nordgreen for review purposes, but we hope to be as unbiased as possible!

The Product: Nordgreen Native – White Dial, Rose Gold ($194)
Our Take: 5 / 5 Stars

A watch is an important accessory which you can easily use to make a fashion statement. In fact, it might say more about your sense of style and how you perceive fashion than all the other pieces in your outfit!

For this reason, I was excited to review a watch from the young, but aspiring, Copenhagen-based company Nordgreen.

Nordgreen watch focused image


The person behind the look of Nordgreen’s watches is none other than award-winning designer Jakob Wagner. Jakob is well-known for his minimalistic and neat style which embodies the Scandinavian way of living. Nordgreen products do not have a single unnecessary detail and will be perfect for anyone who is looking for a simple but classy watch able to complement just about any outfit.

The packaging in which it comes is also simple and somewhat modest. On the one hand, you know that the product concealed in the box is going to be minimalistic and sleek as well, but I had the feeling that the packaging did not do justice to the pricey watch inside.

Nordgreen Native Watch Review in box featured image


Currently, Nordgreen offers three models of women’s watches to choose from: Philosopher, Native, and Infinity. Nevertheless, even though Nordgreen has a distinction between men’s and women’s watches on their website, I believe all of their watches are unisex and the choice between them is simply a matter of taste and swapping out different watch bands. In my opinion, this is another example of their simplicity, as you do not have to be torn between countless variations, allowing you to concentrate on what’s most important.

Each watchface is customizable, as you can choose between different case width sizes, and several dial colors, and a few color options of the watch casing itself. My choice was quite easy, yet I received an incredibly elegant and versatile timepiece, in my opinion: a 36 mm Native watch in rose gold, as this color is always my go-to choice. The dial for the Native is very basic, with two hands, a logo, and hour marks. It will definitely be a perfect accessory for any outfit.

The Native watch model comes in three sizes: 32 mm, 36 mm, and 40 mm. If it’s hard for you to imagine what each of these would look like on your wrist when ordering online, you can use their handy size guide which will make the choice all the more easier for you. There are also three colors of dials to choose from: black, dark blue, and white. As for the body of a watch itself, it is available in four colors: silver, rose gold, gun metal, and gold. 

A cute little detail that can illustrate just how attentive to detail Nordgreen tends to be is the logo on the back. Around it is listed the main information you need to know about any watch: its Japanese quartz movement, its 3 ATM water resistance, and the unique serial number.

My former watch that I am used to wearing on a daily basis is way heavier than the Native, so I was pleasantly surprised when I tried on the Nordgreen watch for the first time; its weight is just heavy enough to remind you that it is still attached to your wrist if you happen to be thinking about it, but virtually unnoticeable at all other times.

When buying a watch from Nordgreen, you can also expect a 2-year warranty and free shipping (which is extremely fast, by the way, considering it comes from Denmark!).

Nordgreen Native Watch on wrist

Watch Straps

To make your watch absolutely universal and uniquely you, Nordgreen offers a wide assortment of interchangeable straps, so you could easily switch between them depending on the occasion, outfit, or your mood. 

The straps are available in metal mesh, leather, vegan leather, and nylon. For most of them, you can choose not both the color of the strap as well as the buckle color, which is presented in the same colors as the watch. If you feel like it is too hard to stop at just one color, you can always buy a bundle, or even create one yourself using the bundle builder on the website. 

It is worth mentioning that all the straps are easily adjustable, and they are extremely easy to swap out! Like, super simple. Honestly, at first, I was a bit skeptical, as it felt like it should take some time, microscopic tools, and advanced horological skill, but you can really do it in no time, without any tools by just a simple pinch of the fingers!

I’ve got two straps, a rose gold metal mesh one and a white leather one. While the mesh is perfect right out of the box, you will need to give the leather one some time to soften, especially if you have a thin wrist, as the brand-new leather tends to be a bit stiff. However, the quality of both is impeccable, and they both look great with the watch face.

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About Nordgreen

The company was founded in 2017, and the choice of the name was well justified. At the core of Nordgreen lies renowned Scandinavian minimalistic and functional design, accompanied by the consciousness and sustainability that the company transmits throughout their brand. 

This powerful combination of style and their green way of doing business attracted hundreds of people around the world, and, in 2018, Nordgreen raised over $250,000 on Kickstarter.

The Nordgreen Philosophy 

As I mentioned earlier, there is one more aspect to know about Nordgreen: their ethical mission. The company has created their Giving Back Program, where, by buying a Nordgreen watch, you can choose one of three initiatives to which part of your purchase cost will go. 

These three causes include health, education, and environment. By choosing one of them, you will either provide two months of clean water to one person in the Central African Republic, give one month of education to a child in India, or preserve 538 sq ft (50 sq m) of rain forest in Latin America. 

Overall, I really love the idea behind this watch and the watch itself. It is simple and minimalistic, yet you have the variety of colors and strap styles to choose from, so it is extremely easy to use on a daily basis. Moreover, it is great to know that the company you buy a product from supports many of the UN’s sustainable development goals, and, by purchasing a Nordgreen watch, you can be a part of it, too.

I am definitely excited to see what Nordgreen comes up with next!

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Note: A big thanks to my dear friend, Nastya Vlasenko, for her tireless photography, even during a dreadfully gloomy and rainy afternoon!

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